Saturday, 16 June 2012

FameLab 2012 - The Grand Final

Yesterday, 15th of July, Cheltenham as usual, hosts Beautiful Science Festival...
In 2011 they presented it live, that time i was in the military, and was following it online...
This year organizers developed it and asked alumni to vote online, via sms, twitter and Facebook

As Kathy Sykes mentioned, all of participants are the winners :)
They covered all aspects of life: sperm, 3d-cinema, paper, beer, love, phones, frogs and all other interesting topics.

Greedy organizers hid from us semi-final topics :)

Thanks to Lyubov Kostova and Quentin Cooper who mentioned Azerbaijan and remembered Eurovision.

The most hilarious words were the final words "Thank you Azerbaijan"

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

why really USA wants BlackBerry back

In the morning, right before going to have a few hours sleep,
I opened a Google Reader, and read a title: "why USA wants blackberry back"
I was expecting to read about global masonry, and global spy program,
but instead of that i found some numbers of iPhone and other bullshit
The only reason why USA wants Blackberry back, is that everything is going through RIM servers, which RIM sells to countries.
That's, the only reason, instead of searching content on google'syahoo'sskype's and other IM companies servers, it is better to support and spy for one company...

Good morning :)