Saturday, 18 September 2010

Will you accuse a whore?

Inspired by "Freedom Writers"...
Sometimes people follow common stereotypes just to find justifications for their actions. Because they are afraid of reforms. They are not who they want to be, they are who they became because of these stereotypes. They are afraid of the public view, of the "Wrong Public View". Why wrong? Because they shouldn't be followed.
I'll say what the "Wrong Public View" sounds like: "Each man accuses a whore, but everyone wants to have a sex with her". People often criticize others, while they are not sure what would they do being in their situation.
Luke 6:37 "Do not judge, and you will not be judged"

So we need to find methods how to avoid the "Wrong Public Views".
How to do that? you decide!
Someone finds help in music, others - in religion, sport, education, writing and so on. Each of these ways are unique. And it's important not to harm others while you step your way. A lot of people have found the avoiding in drugs, killings, stealing, But these choices can not be right, because they are against of "honesty", they injury others right, right to think, right to wear, right to walk and right to live.
The quote above, says that whenever you do something, ask yourself:"will you be pleased if someone do the same to you?", "Is that what you want?", "Do you want others to know about this accident?"
The Azerbaijani proverb says:
"There is always an elephant bigger than a camel"

On day this might happen to you.
Be fair, Be strong, Inspire your life, and try to change others life to the better!