Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Social Innovation Camp Caucasus

The Social Innovation Camp(SICamp) is over. We, 13 participants from Azerbaijan, came back. Hope that projects organized at that camp will continue working.
But what the SICamp is?
SICamp is one kind of Barcamp (unconference) format. Why Barcamp is unconference? it doesn't has some strict rules that the conference has. On Barcamp people often shares information. no profit. just share what you know. and make new communications.
The SICamp has a few differences. one of them is, Barcamp has no result. only sharing the information. The goal of SICamp is to have ready functioning projects at the end of the event. and after 2 international SICamps we can surely say that it is POSSIBLE to do a project in 2-3 days.
The winners of SICampC became "Save the Trees" and "Give me Info"