Thursday, 19 November 2009

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear
Have you ever seen this phrase?
If you have a car, then 90% that you have seen it!
But why? Why objects in the mirror ACTUALLY are closer than they appear?
The warning is used because passenger side mirrors must be convex to have a useful field of view. This makes objects smaller than they would appear if the driver viewed them in a flat mirror, or turned and looked at them directly. Since smaller objects appear farther away, the objects seen in the mirror look further away than they really are

But, there is something else!
When you look in a mirror, mirror shows exact reflection of you and everything around you.
The distance between you and a mirror is, for example 3 meters.
But between that guy in the mirror and the mirror distance is also 3 meters.
So, you see a distance between YOU and a mirror, and between mirror and your reflection.
That’s why, in the mirror you will see not 3 meters, but 6 meters.
Be careful, while parking your car :-)

Aziz Shahhuseynov